iLearn now uLearn!
19 October 2010


In the school holidays I was fortunate to spend 3 days at the uLearn ICT Conference in Christchurch. It was a great conference, with in particular excellent opportunities for networking and working collaboratively with otherr educators. We used tools such as Google Docs, TypeWitMe and Twitter to work together to share thoughts, presentations and reflections.

As all presenter material shared at ULearn is contained in a password protected site quite a few of us collaborated to make the below resource wiki to support our non attending staff in schools. All presentations are used with permission and are free to be shared with others (providing attribution).

In particular, I would check out the notes from Lee Crocket's Keynote, the GoogleFest resource by Dorothy Burt, ICTs and Inquiry by Jan Marie Kellow and Jenny Ashby's A Touch of Technology (all about using iPod touches with juniors - imagine what seniors could do!)

Take some time to have a browse through the wiki and get some professional learning done without leaving your seat!