Table of Contents

Big Huge Labs
(yes I know, what a name!)
A fantastic site where you can do awesome stuff with your digital photos

On this site make your own:
  • Motivator poster - great for visual language, slogans etc.
  • Warholizer - make your pics into works of art inspired by Andy Warhol
  • Jigsaw - create a jigsaw from your photos
  • Magazine Cover- make your pic into a magazine cover and be a superstar!
  • and many more! Check out the site!!!!!
  • Cube - use your digital photos to make a unique art object
  • Movie Poster -create a customised movie poster
  • CD Cover - could be useful for sending efolios home?
  • and SO much more, take a look at

Foto Flexer
An advanced online photo editing software site - lets you make all your changes online without editing anything!
  • You don't have to sign up to use this service
  • Upload your photo from your computer to work with it
  • Have a go at the Smart Scissors tool under the "Geek" tab - see screenshot below:
  • smart_scissors.jpg
  • Takes a bit of experimenting and practise to use but has cool results!
  • Example of what can be achieved - could be useful for digital storytelling, poetic/creative writing etc.
  • example.jpeg