Literacy & Numeracy Programmes

This session is to highlight some of the great OFFLINE programmes we already have at school that are suitable for literacy and numeracy support, extension and practise.

Start> All Programmes> Student Apps > STEPS
Suitable for...
PM Readers
Start > All Programmes > Reading
Suitable for readers of levels 3 - 25ish (but note we do not have full set of readers. Would be great for struggling readers in middle school.
Words Rock
Start > All Programmes > Words Rock (choose bottom app)
Suitable throughout the school if user is correctly set up by specifying their age. Like a game of battleship so I think would be best suited for y4 up? Navigation a little difficult and students would need to have this demonstrated to them.
Spell Right 2
Start > All Programmes > Spell Right 2
Learn spelling words using the study, practice, learn, test approach.
This version looks at word endings and would be particularly useful to yrs 3 up.
Typing Tournament
Start > All Programmes > Typing Tournament
Medieval set game to learn how to type. Has levels of typing speeds too.
Would be great tor senior students working on higher levels of handwriting matrix.

Baggin' the Dragon
Start > All Programmes > Student Maths > Baggn' the Dragon
A measurment, shape and space game. Looks really cool! Requires a reasonable reding level to answer questions from the examples I looked at but well worth a go with students.

Maths Made Easy 3
Start > All Programmes > Student Maths > Maths Made Easy 3
Covers all arreas of mathematics, from 2D shapes to multiplication. All instructions also given orally which is a bonus. Didn't see any levelling tho?