Spelling City 2011

Some of you know, or have used Spelling City before. It is a great site that allows you to play games and do actvities with your spelling words.

I have made us a school site and have uploaded the following essential lists to it (so far):
  • Essential List 2
  • Essential List 3 (in two parts)
  • Essential List 4 (broken into 3 parts)
  • Essential List 5 (broken into 3 parts)

If it's useful and we get some staff investigating and students using it, I'll happily load on List 1 and above for you. So if the lists above are too low/high for you, still take a look and give me some feedback if this will be useful for your students.

The link (best to add directly to your class blog or favourites) is:

You can link to spelling city itself but the above link below will let students learn the essential lists.

You're best to have a look as a teacher first before showing it to your class (model how to access on data projector).

The options to choose from are:
  • S-Test - spelling test, children listen to the word orally and type it in
  • V-Test - not available as we're not premium members (could look at this tho if popular)
  • Teach me - goes through each word letter by letter
  • Games - the best bit! uses your word in a game format (left hand side are free games) you can play most online and even print some.

I have been showing my class a different game each week and getting them to play it in buddies - that way they'll slowly get to know all games.