Responsibilities for all eLeaders
  • Support a lower technical skilled staff member as their technical buddy - just in time learning (all year) see here
  • Support a group of teachers in their blogging endeavours and week fortnightly with them to teach skills etc (Term 2) see here
  • Run at least 1x 30 minute morning PD session for teachers each term (beginning Term 2)
  • Support a group of staff members with their common goals eg. learn how to use PowerPoint (Term 3 - 4)
  • Meet fortnightly as an eLeader group for PD during Assembly (odd weeks, Term 2)
  • Meet fortnightly as an eLeader group for PD after school on Thursday (even weeks, Term 2)
  • Assist or run staff meetings with an ICT focus when necessary

Differentiated responsibilities:
  • Jan - attending eLeader meetings and doing associated jobs, homework tasks associated with this (all year)
  • Kay K - attending to student issues concerning Mathletics - problem solving and adding new students etc (all year)
  • Kay K - keeping and becoming upskilled with Mathletics and supporting staff in their use of the site (all year)
  • Kay K - announcement of top Mathlete from each class at school assembly each week (all year)