Week 10 - Tuesday 22nd June
Working with digital photos (Carolyn)
You've been on a trip, had a cool learning experience, you've taken lots of photos - NOW WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THEM??
Ideas for presenting your digital photos in new and interesting ways on your class blog will be shared. Bring your computer and some photos to have a go!

I am going to show you what you can do with your photos and voice files once you have them on your camera and easi speak!!

For some examples take a look at my blog: http://room15.waiuku.blogspot.com

You will see I have used photos on Windows Movie Maker and also in Slide.com.

The advantage of Windows Movie Maker is that you can use voice files via your easi speak. There are other ways of using voice in presentations but they use 3rd party sites. I like movie maker as you can train your kids how to use it and they can then create their own projects.

Slide.com, which I found through Jan, is a really cool, captivating way to present your photos. There are so many different ways to present your photos, which keeps it exciting and captures the kids attention. Again see my blog for examples.

Slide.com www.slide.gif
  • Log on and create an account.
  • Click on Make a slide show
  • Scroll down to where it says 'Select an image' then when you have the images you want, click 'upload'
  • Click browse to find your files on your computer (normally saved in My Documents, My Pictures)
  • Select the files you want to upload by clicking open
  • Once the images have uploaded you can now make them funky!! On the right had side you have the option of customising your design
  • Click on each one to see a demonstration of what it will do
  • Play around with all the buttons until you are happy with what you see
  • Don't forget to click save (get code) when you are happy
  • Fill in the slideshow details that comes up on the next page
  • Then click 'save slideshow'
  • On the next page it will ask you to 'copy this code' so copy it!!!
  • You can do this by clicking on it then clicking control c, or right click and click copy
  • You now need to go to blogger.com and log into your room (it is easier if you have this open ready first!!!)
  • Go to design
  • 'Add a gadget' where you want it to be displayed
  • Scroll down to the HTML application
  • Open it and paste the code into the main body of the gadget either by control x or right click and paste.
  • Give your photo presentation a name e.g. maths lesson today, then click save
  • Photo presentation - DONE!!!!

Windows Movie Maker
  • Open movie maker under all programs
  • Click import pictures
  • Find the pictures you want to download and click 'import'
  • This will download your photos onto your main page.
  • You can then drag the photos you want to use down to the 'story board' section at the bottom of the page. They will fall into the 'video' section as you drag them.
  • With movie make you can use your easi speak voice files along side the photos.
  • The same way as you imported your photos, you can import your voice files
  • Click import 'video or music'
  • Find the voice files you want and click import
  • They will appear alongside your pictures
  • Again drag the voice files you want underneath the photos (you have already dragged) into the audio/music section of the 'story board'
  • This takes a bit of getting used too and pictures and voice files can get a bit mixed up and in the wrong place - don't panic, just try and manipulate to suit your needs.
  • Just above the photos there is a play button, if you click this it will show you what your presentation is looking like at that moment in time
  • Once you are happy with what you have click 'save projet' which saves it Movie Maker
  • Then you need to click 'save to my computer'
  • The best place to save these seems to be 'my desktop' (not sure why but just from experience!)

  • Now you need to go to your blog
  • Cick on add a 'new post'
  • Give your post a title, add the names of the people in the photos into your list and write a blurb about what is going on. Then click on the 'add video' in the tool bar.
  • You will then need to wait a while for it to upload, no longer than 10 minutes, you can then click 'publish post' and then it will be on your blog.