What tips and tricks do you know that you can share with others?

If you can not find your toolbar at the top of the page e.g. file, edit etc, click on the ALT button on your keyboard and F. This will open the toolbar temporarily for you.

Searching - can't work out where to search for those missing files? Start, documents then look in the top right hand corner. Type in the file name you are looking for. You can modify your search by clicking on; documents, internet etc. You can also search for bookmarks you have made on your internet browser.

You can also search from clicking on the Start button, and click in the search programs and file. Type in what you are looking for, this can be a document, web page or a help page regarding something you are looking for e.g. toolbars. From here you can also search for words inside a document (just in case you have forgotten what you called it). To do this you need to go to the bottom of the search page and click on File Contents.

Recent files - if you know you have opened a file recently but can not remember where you filled it, go to open in Word for example. Down the left hand side you will see a tab that says 'recent', click on that and it will show you the last files you have opened.

Zooming - Ctrl + for bigger, Ctrl - for smaller - increases and decreases the size of your page.

Recent web pages you have visited - if you open a new tab it will show you the most recent/most used web pages you have used.