Week 6 - Tuesday 25th May

Inquiry Inspiration through Webspiration (Rachel)
Discover a fantastic online visual thinking tool called Webspiration that will allow your students to expand their growing understanding of your Inquiry/topic programme. Suitable for all age levels, this tool allows students to extend their thinking. Webspiration (similar to the costly software programme Inspiration) is feww and will also be useful widely throughout all curriculum areas.
Bring your laptop to have a go online and stretch yourself!


Background Info

What it is: You have most likely heard about the popular visual thinking software called Inspiration (or Kidspiration). Webspiration is a new online version of the visual thinking outlining and organizing. Webspiration has many of the same features as Inspiration but is free to use and allows for collaborative visual thinking. Webspiration is perfect for planning, organizing research, and completing projects successfully from beginning to end. Brainstorming and outlining tools help students organize thoughts for papers and research projects. Collaboration on Webspiration documents is simple and allows for same document contributing, posting, comments, and viewing changes. Concept maps and diagrams are created easily with Webspiration. Visual diagrams and graphic organizers, such as those created with Webspiration, help students retain information.

Using Webspiration

To start you can either sign up using your waiuku email address or log in under our school username: waiuku (password same as wireless, or ask Rachel)

Once signed in click "Launch Webspiration"


Using Picture/Symbols (with or without words)
Creating Links and putting new ideas increating_links.png
A really useful tool - Rapid Fire
(brainstorm quickly and easily)
Moving the bubbles around - arrange tool

Useful tools/types of maps:

Easily made using the RAPID FIRE button under "Diagram"

Make using two large circles under "Diagram"
NB: You may not be able to get the inside circle layering as above


Share on your class blog:

  • When finished your mindmap go to Sharing > Publish to a Web Page
  • share.png
  • Choose OK from the pop up menu
  • Visit the link that the site produces for you (copy and paste it into the address bar of the Internet)
  • Click on "Copy Embedding Code" and paste into your blog @ www.blogger.com
  • If the code turns out a bit skinny when you edit it make some tiny tweaks as below
  • wider.jpg

Learn about Webspiration