ICTPD Sessions for Support Staff with Rachel


Week 7:

eTap: http://etap.co.nz/
  • As many TAs work in small groups or 1:1 with students, there will be occasions where students will share information or things will happen
  • The "Guidance" section of eTap is used to record incidents - these could be behavioural, social or emotional
  • These are tracked alongside a child's name & are important to give a picture about a child's situation in relation to us helping them to be safe & learn best
  • Lynda will supply TAs with a username & password for eTAP as soon as she can
  • eTap is a very confidential environment as it has academic & medical information about students in it etc - we are all professionals and so need to treat this username & password with care & confidentiality - it is not to be shared with anyone, nor is the details inside eTap
  • Remember to email the teacher of the student, to let them know you have eTapped an incident, you may also follow this up verbally, but do email them so they remember to check eTap themselves to see the details of the incident if they wish.

Entering an Incident:
  • Once logged in - click on "Guidance"
  • Select the room number of the child from the drop down menu
  • Then choose "Select an Individual from this group"
  • Select the child's name, then press "This Pupil"
  • You will then get 3 choices - Behaviour Form; Support Register; Caregiver Meetings - you will most probably be entering into the Behaviour Form
  • Select your name from the STAFF drop down menu - this is important so we know who has entered the incident
  • Complete the Incident Description, Type of Behaviour, Description of Behaviour, Consequences Applied and a General Comment
  • Add anything sensitive into the Confidential Comment box
  • Then press "Save Incident"
  • Don't forget to email the teacher (and/or Isla if serious) to let them know you have put an incident in.
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Week 9: