Student Surveys 2012
In 2012 our year 5-8 students completed a WPS Student Survey.
This was modelled on the same questions we asked parents/caregivers in our 2012 Community Survey (conducted bianually)
Interestingly, although no questions were asked about eLearning, ICT or technology students brought this up in the comments section of their "wishlist" for the school.
Mobile technologies, predictably, feature prominantly.

Some of their comments are copied verbatim below:
  • "student iphones years 7-8"
  • "to have a room with just computers in it and some in the classroom"
  • "learnig with better tech"
  • "student iphones"
  • "To buy i pads for our skool"
  • "an i padfor every student"
  • "ipad 4 every 1"
  • "laptops for all year 8 students to increase our learning process"
  • "i pads"

Cybersafety Survey:

Year 2:

Survey conducted across both our Year 2 classes:
Quite different results between the two classes. Both classes interestingly are taught by eLeaders.

  • In one Y2 class 100% of students said they would not give their last name to someone online
  • In another Y2 class 63% of students said they WOULD give their last name to someone online
  • Overall in the Year 2 age group most computers were kept in the lounge or were mobile (laptop/tablet) and could be used in a range of spaces throughout the home
  • In one class 95% of students had Internet access at home and in the other class 69% of students had Internet access at home
  • Over half of the Year 2 students surveyed knew they had rules surrounding computer use:
    • Have to ask first before using
    • Only allowed to use when Mum/Dad around
    • Only allowed on learning games on school nights
    • Not allowed on Internet but allowed on computer-based game
    • Only allowed to use when supervised by big brother/sister
    • Allowed only on Mathletics
  • Suggestions for what Y2 students said they should do if they see something rude or mean were:
    • Tell older brother
    • Use Hector dolphin
    • Turn off computer screen
    • Walk away
    • Tell someone
    • Stop, think, walk away
    • Go out of it and tell someone
  • Both Year 2 classes had recently in Term 1 undertaken the Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme, in which we covered online safety. We believe our results of empowerment over what they should do if they see something bad online are impacted by this.

Year 4-8:

Survey conducted with years 4-8 students
51% Year 4 students
2% Year 7 students
47% Year 8 students
The survey was conducted in two classrooms and offered to all senior students via daily notices & school website
  • 97% of students surveyed had Internet access at home, regardless of if it was broadband, dial up or unknown.
  • The main way these students connected to the Internet was through computer/pc or laptop, however the amounts of students getting online via mobile of gaming consoles is of interest

  • 20% of students claimed they did not have rules around Internet usage at homecomputer_rules.png

  • All students could list a range of strategies they could employ if they felt unsafe online, most of these were to tell an adult (Mum/Dad/Aunty etc) and some were to tell older brothers/sisters

Cybersafety Programmes:

  • All junior (Years 0-2) classes undertake the Keeping Ouselves Safe programme biannually. An important component of this is a teaching section on online safety and cyberbullying. This was also talked about by the visiting Constable in teaching sessions and backed up with the Bryan and Bobby video resources
  • Most Year3/4 students have SuperClubs Plus usernames and many are active users
  • Some Year 5 students have SuperClubs Plus access as they used it last year at Year 3/4 level in trial classes
  • We have a planned cybersafety education evening for senior (y4-8) parents in Term 3. There is discussion around possibly opening up this evening to other schools in the area
  • We advocate to parents about cybersafety often on our school FB page and share articles of interest. We also encourage parents on FB to join the NetSafe FB page to get their own updates.
  • Year 8 classes are writing acceptable use agreements for cell phone use etc on a yearly basis
  • DARE classes address cybersafety issues with Y8 students. Programme presented by community constable.
  • Bring your Own device will become a reality in the second half of the year for many classes. This will need considerable amount of work around cybersafety and appropriate use of technology
  • One eLeader is exploring the "Cyber Smart" aspect of digital citizenship in her role as an eFellow

Smackdown Sharing
Links shared by WPS staff at SMACKDOWN sessions:

Table of Contents

Smackdown #1:
Prepare something online to share with the team – perhaps a website or online tool you have been using; something you think would be interesting and useful for other teachers
NOTE: this is not the video sharing (that is the “Soul Session”)

  1. Add the link into the google doc BEFORE the staff meeting (see below)
  2. During the staff meeting:
    • One central computer is used, connected to data projector and speakers
    • One person uses the computer & clicks etc and the presenter speak
    • Note that you will not be controlling the computer
  3. Presenter gets 2 minutes to talk about the toolWhat is it?
    • What can it be used for?
    • Curriculum ideas for use?
    • Class examples of use?

We want you to share your expertise!

Smackdown #1: