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Term 3:

Soul Session #5
From Carolyn to make you laugh (although you have probably already seen it before.
From Rebecca
From Carolyn - inspriational

From Kay - for children aged 12-14

Soul Session #4:
From Rebecca - 'Call m
Froe maybe' - the 2012 USA Olympic Swim Team

How to make a pinch pot:

How to make a slab pot:

How to make a coil pot:

Soul Session #3:

A video to motivate and enthuse older kids with a definite greenie theme - thanks Briony!

Soul Session #2:

Soul Session #1

Natural Standards:

Humourous Cat Vids:



Soul Session #1 by Rachel

Soul Session #2 - Shared by Syndicate 5

Soul Session #3

By Rachel, Briony & Tanya