Smackdown Sharing
Links shared by WPS staff at SMACKDOWN sessions:

Prepare something online to share with the team – perhaps a website or online tool you have been using; something you think would be interesting and useful for other teachers
NOTE: this is not the video sharing (that is the “Soul Session”)
  1. Add the link into the google doc BEFORE the staff meeting (see below)
  2. During the staff meeting:
    • One central computer is used, connected to data projector and speakers
    • One person uses the computer & clicks etc and the presenter speak
    • Note that you will not be controlling the computer
  3. Presenter gets 2 minutes to talk about the toolWhat is it?
    • What can it be used for?
    • Curriculum ideas for use?
    • Class examples of use?

We want you to share your expertise!

Smackdown #4 (Term 3):

From Kay via Pamela - teacher resources.
From Pamela

Smackdown #1 (Term 3):

Smackdown #2 (Term 3):

  • Check out the Olympics tab along the top and go into Inforgraphics. Fantastic graphic presentation on the evolution of the 100 metres, rule changes and extra info. Other great visuals are really easy to get, excellent from the Video tab along the top tool bar...Loads more topical, already researched, most currently informed, NZ based info! Easily searched. User friendly.
  • A cool website with links to educational science videos (TV documentaries) among many other useful tools, thanks Rachel!

Smackdown #4:

  • Ewan McIntosh ‘The seven spaces of technology in school environment’
  • Ewan McIntosh’s blog

Smackdown #3:

Smackdown #2:

Smackdown #1: