Put your students in the Picture - Green screening & Storytelling

See an example from my old class, Room 9 (Feet First Picture Book) of green screening of students to put them into the picture book. A fun session that will give you the skills, the experience and the ideas for possible class end of year projects and other classwork. No need to bring your computer, the macs will be set out for your use.

Keynote (like PowerPoint) on the macs has a neat feature that allows you to take away the background from your photos. This allows you to attain the greenscreen effect and 'put your students into the picture'.

Classroom example:

Room 9's 2009 Feet First Picture Book entry:

How to do it:


Help sheet from Sara Taylor -

More examples:

Some of the best examples of greenscreening in my opinion come from the (now completed) North Island MIC ICT Cluster that was led by Sara Taylor.
Check out some of the teachers' examples below to get some ideas!

For more info and some further tutorial pages, check out her wiki http://sarataylor.wikispaces.com/Green-Blue+Screening