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Establishing Blogging Guidelines/Rules

An important part of using an online tool with your students is educating them on appropriate online behaviour. Just because your students grew up with technology doesn’t mean they appreciate or understand what is/isn’t appropriate to post online.
Your class blog provides an excellent opportunity to educate students, parents and other readers on proper online behaviour such as:
  1. Types of identifying information that is appropriate in posts and/or comments e.g., What are your rules about use of last names, IM, images and personal information?
  2. What should/shouldn’t you write in posts and/or comments?

Each class is going to be given the challenge of taking responsibility and ownership for their blogging behaviours.
They will collaboratively co-construct their OWN class blogging rules/guidelines or responsibilities for what they can and should do on their class blogs.
These rules need to be displayed on your class blog and in the classroom and be referred to regularly.
Students should be aware of their responsibilities and the reason the rules are in place. The safety of our students while online is paramount.


Examples of Blogging Rules/Guidelines:

What blogging guidelines should include:

(your thoughts/ideas based on viewing the above sites)
  • don't share personal info/family info
  • First names only - parents and students
  • Only post things that you want to be seen publically
  • Need parental permission for image, photo
  • Students need to follow the rules
  • Don't share user name and password
  • Teacher monitors comments
  • Don't say anything online that you wouldn't say to parents or to a students' face
  • We need to be posting on school appropriate topics - this is a place for learning and reflection
  • This is not a social networking site
  • Know your audience - possibly could be worldwide
  • Only post photos online of students who have permission
  • No how to give constructive feedback
  • Use appropriate language

Quick Finishers Activity:

Videos to use with students

Know the rules - junior/middle
Be safer online - junior/middle

Your toolkit of resources: