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February 2010

Conference Workshop Sharing


I went to an eportfolios workshop by Nick Rate. He had 5 different presenters talking about the different types of eportfolios that they do. All were online, three through wikis/blogs and two through Learning Management Systems (LMS) that had been purchased by the school - KnowledgeNet.

I thought Nick's basic eportfolios presentation would be useful to other staff. I have enclosed some links below also.


I attended a breakout facilitated by Andrea Tapsell of Lynmore Primary School and some of her year 4 students.She shared the journey she has undertaken over the last few years as she learnt to add more depth to her ICT teacher rather than just teaching the 'froth on the top' as she did initially. Her 2010 class blog can be viewed here.
Her children presented work from last year's blog and afterwards were available for discussion and demonstration. The best recommendation I got from them was for sound recording. They had several options in their class but they all agreed that Easi-speak was their first choice. It was easy to use and because it was portable they were able to take it outside to record wheras they often felt self-conscious recording in the classroom with an audience. It has a USB connection for charging and downloading and you are able to save in a choice of two formats.

Kay K

I had an interesting discussion from Martin Weatherill who gave great information about using Power Point, inserting sound into that as an Action therefore stopping us needing to attach a sound file separately. He also explored the dimensions of Movie Maker and the use of green screen techniques. I am exploring these further and am happy to share with anyone if they would like. I also have a CD of resources from that Seminar which details some supporting applications and examples.

Also I was hoping for you, as teachers to implement the Course Creator function of Mathletics so you can use it applicably in class and so children can practice your teaching points at home. School User name and Password available in Carolyns staff meeting minutes of 15/3/10.

Thirdly, in the absence of much computer time for Mathletics right now, please could we really encourage children to use it at home! Cheers....



I showed you the WizTeach software tool that you can download on a 30 day free trial period but if you get 3 others to download the free trial you can then get a site licence, for a year, free. i am promoting this software mainly for the maths applications. It is called intelligent software as it works with you manipulating numbers and shapes etc. As you saw you can watch nets come together, change the size of anlges and measure, link numbers together to do all sorts of sums, bring up various number lines at the touch of a button, use capture tools to record what you are doing, save the files and use for future reference.

It really is worth having a play around to see what is on there for you. I am starting geometry strand this week and will be using the interactive nets to talk about faces and vetices etc. I have been using it in oral starters as well for place value, telling the time, counting etc.

If you want any help with using it, give me a shout. I am by no means an expert yet as I am still playing around with it. I can organise a demonstration with the company if there is a need? Let me know.

Thanks and enjoy - Carolyn


Please see this wiki page for info presentations and notes taken at ULearn.