Establishing your Class Blog - 2012

Making a start:

  • Name your Blog - Brainstorm with your class what your blog could be called (remember you want ownership) - put the new title or name of your blog in your header (eg. Room 5 voted to be "Gimme 5")
  • The LOOK of your Blog - Choose a background for your blog - try and keep this the same all year this will become the "Look" of your blog and how others will distinguish your blog from others. Go to Dashboard > Design > Template Designer > Background & select from here. You may even want to choose 3 or 4 that YOU like the look of and let your class vote!
  • Who has permission/ Who doesn't? - Check in eTap to make sure all your class has permission to have their image online in your class blog. We have less than 10 children in the whole school affected by this, but they could be in your class! Go to eTap > Log in as your Class > Pupil Lists > Tick "Online Permission" > Click "On screen/HTML" to see your list. Make sure you know who is a NO & never display images of them on your class blog!
  • How many visitors?: Insert a hit counter to track your visitors! Go to: Dashboard > Design > Add a gadget (in sidebar) > Blog's Stats
  • Insert the "Labels" gadget: This way you can 'tag' posts on your blog with children's names and have them displayed down the sidebar. Makes for very cool viewing by parents/caregivers. Go to: Dashboard > Design > Add a gadget (in sidebar) > Labels" Then simply add children's names at the bottom of each new blog post in the labels section
  • Add a new page: You may like to add a page to your blog to keep things separate that you don't want on the front page on your blog. R5 & 6 are using pages to house links that we want students to visit during literacy and maths time. Go to Dashboard > Edit Posts > Edit Pages > New Page
  • Leave a comment on someone else's blog: It is great to give other classes feedback on their learning, and how will you be able to teach your students how to comment on another classes blog if you don't know how to do it?!
  • 2010 Parents - How to Make a Comment on Blog Waiuku

For consistency throughout the school, please make sure your blog has:
  • School Logo
  • Links to School Website & Mathletics
  • Please, do not add the "followers" gadget - these could link children to their parents and therefore compromise their last name online

Please let Rachel know when you are ready to OFFICIALLY LAUNCH your Class Blog to your parents!
She will then:
  • Give you a notice to send out to each family in your class
  • Link your blog to the Class Blogs page on the School Website