Waiuku Primary Baseline Cluster Survey Results

Table of Contents


The majority of Waiuku Primary staff have a developing understanding in the following areas of Inquiry learning:
  • Planning/preparing for an Inquiry topic
  • The Inquiry Learning stages and processes
  • The skills and strategies needed for Inquiry Learning
  • Ideas for the explicit teaching of Information Literacy skills
  • Student learning experiences and activities to include in Inquiry Learning.
  • How to use the Thinking models in Inquiry learning
  • Reflection and Assessment for Inquiry Learning

The majority of staff had limited or developing understanding and knowledge of different Inquiry models.
21% of staff members had a confused understanding of student learning experiences needed for Inquiry learning. Once we have implemented our school-wide Inquiry model and teachers are planning and delivering Inquiry units teachers growing knowledge and confidence can be transferred to the students.
0% of staff members had rated themselves as having infused/integrated understanding of any of the above areas of Inquiry learning.
At the start of the year we had a full day PD on Inquiry learning with Jan-Marie Kellow. This term we have used the ICT facilitator to assist with syndicate Inquiry unit planning using our developing Inquiry Model with SOLO taxonomy as a backbone.

Thinking Skills

55% of staff consistently or usually plan for Thinking Skills
0% of staff never plan for Thinking Skills

63% of staff have a developing understanding of Thinking Strategies and and tools in Inquiry Learning
0% of staff have a Infused/Integrated understanding of Thinking Strategies.

We will develop a thinking skills page on our school wiki and list useful ICT tools on there. Techie Tuesday sessions will also often have a Thinking Skills component.