Techie Tuesdays ICTPD 2010 Schedule

Table of Contents

All sessions are on Tuesdays beginning at 8am in Room 8.

Term 2

Week 4 - Tuesday 11th May
Cybersafety & Entering the Online World (Rachel)
As Waiuku Primary is entering the online world and classes will soon have online spaces (blogs) where they share their learning with parents/whanau, the community and a possible world wide audience it is important to understand issues around cybersafety. This session will introduce you to the reality and dangers, as well as outline the conversations we should be having with students to sensibly educate them on these issues.
Bring your laptop to get involved online and learn in our first ever session :)

Week 5 - Tuesday 18th May
Getting more out of Mathletics - Course Management (Kay K)
Learn about the maths courses that are available to your students and how to group individuals and personalise Mathletics courses for your students.
Bring your laptop and ensure you know your teacher Mathletics username and password to get the most out of this practical hands on session!

Week 6 - Tuesday 25th May
Inquiry Inspiration through Webspiration (Rachel)
Discover a fantastic online visual thinking tool called Webspiration that will allow your students to expand their growing understanding of your Inquiry/topic programme. Suitable for all age levels, this tool allows students to extend their thinking. Webspiration (similar to the costly software programme Inspiration) is feww and will also be useful widely throughout all curriculum areas.
Bring your laptop to have a go online and stretch yourself!

Week 7 - Tuesday 1st June-
Session cancelled due to alarms!

Week 8 - Tuesday 8th June
No session due to Queen's Birthday

Week 9 - Tuesday 15th June
Discover your easi-speak! (Jan)
All classes are now the proud owners of the useful and funky easi-speak microphones. Come and learn more about ways you could be using this tool regularly in class to enhance your oral language programme and other curriculum areas. We will also learn how to download the eas-speak files and give you ways you could use these once they are on your computer.
This is a hands on session - bring your laptop and class easi-speak.

Week 10 - Tuesday 22nd June
Working with digital photos (Carolyn)
You've been on a trip, had a cool learning experience, you've taken lots of photos - NOW WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH THEM??
Ideas for presenting your digital photos in new and interesting ways on your class blog will be shared. Bring your computer and some photos to have a go!

Week 11 - Tuesday 29th June
No session as last week of term.

Term 3

Week 2 - Tuesday 26th July
Web2 fun with Digital Photos (Rachel)
This session will look at some web2 sites that allow you to use your digital photos in creative and fun ways. Bring some photos and your laptop to work with and prepare to be 'wowed' at what you'll be able to create with very little effort! All classes now have their own digital camera so let's get students snapping!

Week 3 - Tuesday 3rd August
Mathletics - Using the Results Manager (Kay)
A look inside Mathletics and in the Results Manager - how to schedule your students to complete tasks and manipulate and identify gaps in your students' learning. Bring your laptop and Mathletics username and password to get involved.

Week 4 - Tuesday 10th August
You can do Stop Frame Animation (Carolyn)
Learn easy ways to make your very own stop motion animations using only your digital cameras. Easy to do and as simple as you like. Come along and Carolyn will demonstrate and show you how!

Week 5 - Tuesday 17th August
Comic Life in the classroom (Rachel)
Comic life

Week 6 - Tuesday 24th August
Offline Literacy and Numeracy Programmes
This session is to highlight some of the great OFFLINE programmes we already have at school that are suitable for literacy and numeracy support, extension and practice. Come and explore!

Week 7 - Tuesday 31st August
Kidpix in the classroom
You asked for it and we bought it! Come and learn tips and tricks for introducing kidpix to your class,view examples of what can be achieved and have a go!

Week 8 - Tuesday 7th September
Quizzes and Polls for Student Voice (Rachel)
Come and learn about the neat tools out there in cyberspace to

Week 9 - Tuesday 14th September
Simple Animated Movies Online
For our last Techie Tuesday of the term we'll be sharing two easy ways to make animated movies. Both are SUPER simple and quick - if you can type you can make an animated movie. Should give you some good ideas for next term's learning and different (and FUN) ways students can present their learning for the USE part of the Inquiry model. Come along and get some good ideas!

Term 4

Week 2: Tuesday 19th October
iLearn now uLearn
Tips, presentations, relfections and more from my 3 days at the ULearn Conference in Christchurch during the holidays. It was a brilliant conference and I had heaps of new learning that I'm looking forward to sharing - Rachel

Week 3:
No Techie Tuesday session - morning staff meeting on due to Labour Day

Week 4:
Cybersafety & Netsafe's Learn, Guide Protect Resources

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8: